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If you are interested in our services just drop us a line.  To submit your tracks use the "upload" button on the right.  This will display the interface of wetransfer.com in a new window.

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Highwood Audio Mastering is a full-service mastering studio located in Berlin, Germany, offering Attended Mastering and Online Mastering. We are specialized in mastering stereo projects for CD, DVD and Vinyl as well as mastering for digital distribution like WAV or MP3 downloads and iTunes Plus Mastering.

The mastering studio was founded and is owned by Kris Verex who has a degree of audio engineering and after working as a recording engineer, producer and mixing engineer he focused on audio mastering. His musical backround ranges from early 80s underground to the popular sounds of today, whether it's Pop, Elektro, Rock, Techno, Jazz, House or acoustical music.

We create a cutting-edge reflection of your vision using only high-end audio equipment. The studio is acoustically tuned to insure the highest possible reproduction of your music and to allow the best possible mastering decisions. You alone determine the focus and we make it our business to realize whatever you feel, need or desire in regard to your music.

Our unique characteristics are true attention to sound detail, individual musical assistance, accurate digital and analog processing expertise, high flexibility and a very friendly communication - as well as having real fun doing our work.

how we work

Basically we do the same that you do: we love music. Thus our services are delivered with a musician's approach to sound - your sound!

Mastering your music and finalizing your project has a lot to do with confidence in the mastering engineer concerning his feeling and understanding of your musical intentions; moreover, the mastering engineer delivers objective assessment by a new set of experienced ears. In this respect you can rely on Mastering Engineer Kris Verex to optimize your tracks for a variety of delivery formats.

Mastering is the final critical step in the post-production process right before CDs, DVDs and Vinyl are pressed or WAVs and MP3s get distributed digitally. It is a process that relies on a combination of real world experience and musical expertise. This goes together with perfectly trained ears, professional gear and optimized acoustics plus a high-end monitoring section.

We show the same dedication with our eMastering and Online Mastering services as we do at any attended mastering session. Our main objective is having extremely happy customers with top sounding music in their hands, thus we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Revisions, where neccessary, are not charged.

The studio equipment was carefully assembled to facilitate our diligent, well-organized and flexible method of operation. A more detailed listing of what we use is available as a PDF file below.

how we charge

Outstanding results at affordable prices is what Highwood Audio Mastering delivers. At one glance you can see here the most basic rates.


Online Mastering

€ 55,-

per track

Attended Mastering

€ 110,-

per hour

Audio Restoration

€ 110,-

per hour

Studio Rate

€ 110,-

per hour

10" /12" Master Lacquer

€ 75,-

per side

Mix Consulting

€ 75,-

per mix

DDP Image

€ 55,-

per image

Reference Disc Black

€ 10,-

per disc

AAC / MP3 Encoding

€ 5,-

per track

Mix Evaluation



Methods of payment include all major credit cards, international bank transfer, national banktransfer, PayPal and cash on location.


All prices listed are excluded German VAT. For full information please refer to our detailed price-list that is available as a PDF file below.

Online Payment with Paypal or VISA

our clients

Since we are a professional company our services are available to everbody. Musicians, producers, labels and DJs are our main clientele. But generally speaking, everyone with the ambition to have his recordings sound the best and most authentic way should consider hiring Highwood Audio Mastering.


Becoming a client is easy and convenient. Just send us a message where you outline your project. We then confirm and supply a time frame plus additional info if neccessary. After submitting your mixes they are checked and reviewed thoroughly. We give feedback and arrange with you for the characteristics of the desired mastering result.

The result of the mastering will be sent to you as a preview containing fades. If revisions are desired they will be done on the spot. Once you are 100% satisfied payment is due and afterwards the final files are made available via download.


Highwood Audio Mastering for iTunes

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Mastering process at Highwood Audio Mastering

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Mastering studio equipment our mastering studio

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Payment details for our audio mastering clients

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How to prepare stereo mixes for mastering

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